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A healthy community is a happy community.

The key to staying healthy is to take control of it!

Health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. don’t just occur overnight. When your health isn’t made a priority, it is understandable that over time poor lifestyle choices will take their toll. The key to staying healthy is therefore to take control of it. Our Primary Health Care Clinic assists with tests for blood sugar, hypertension, hepatitis, HIV etc. We also offer family planning (birth control/contraception), pap smears, menopause, pregnancy tests , diabetic care (HBAIC tests) and all other general health assistance such as Vitamin B12 injections and other health injections.

Our Primary Health Clinic offers the following services:
Blood glucose Screening Test
Blood pressure Screening Test
Cholesterol Test Screening Test and nutrition discussion
Drug or Abuse Test 6 Panel Urine test for the six major well-known drugs
Family Planning (All) First visit (exclude meds) consultation and screening
FSH - Menopause screening Menopause Screening Test
H'Pylori Stomach ulcer screening tests
Haemoglobin test Blood anaemia test
Hepatitus B test Hepatitus B screening test
HIV test Pre and post counselling and test
Immunizations (children and adults) Consultation only (vaccine cost extra)
Injection with own meds Dispensed by own pharmacy, administered by our nurse
LH test Ovulation discussion and screening test
Malaria test Screening test
Nebulising in clinic Nebules included (Buy at own risk)
Pap smear Including follow up consult (Lab fee excluded)
Pregnancy test Consulatation in clinic + urine screening test
Professional fee General consultation with nurse
PSA screening Prostate test (finger prick) and discussion
Removal of stitches Cost for procedure
STD consultation and screening Sexually transmitted distease screening and testing
Urine dipstix Urine screening test (Bladder and kidney infection)
Vit B12 & Vit BCo Inj Injection & consumables (script needed)
Well-Baby consult Growth chart, nutritional guidance
Ear piercing Earrings excluded
BMI (Body Mass Index) Measurement of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both men and women
Lipogram Cardio Check Total Cholesterol check
Vitamin B and  Vitamin B12 injection  To improve general health
Heel wellness combinations  Chronic Fatigue / Sports Bom / Cold and Flu prevention
Wellness assessments for medical aids  Discovery Vitality / Momentum / Nedgroup / Medscheme Administered Schemes
Diabetic Care  Monitoring blood glucose level through HBAIC test
Diabetic Care   Random testing
Diabetic Care  Wound care
Diabetic Care  Nutritional support
Woman's Health   Family Planning / Breast Examination / Pap smear 
Vaccination   HPV / Measles / Mumps and Rubella / Tetanus and Whooping cough /                         Hepatitis A and B
 Men's Health {Vaccination}  HPV / Hepatitis A and B / PSA  Rapid Screening Test
 Lung function test  Pre-operative testing / Work related purposes
 HDL,LDL & Trigglyceride  
 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor  

Please take note: Unless otherwise indicated, all screening tests require for a finger prick. Additional charges may occur for further treatment and/or consultations.
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